Charlie Pahlman Memorial

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A statement from the family about what happened on the day Charlie died.

Charlie, Pam, Tina, Kari, Pam's daughters Becca and Bella and Charlie's mother Anna Lena were holidaying on the island of Savaii in Samoa, while Christine was working in the capital Apia. It was a small piece of paradise where we were staying, open thatched huts, palm fringed beaches and so warm, friendly and laid back. Charlie was in seventh heaven! He loved the heat, and everything about the country - it reminded him so much of Laos.

Unsurprisingly, he particularly loved swimming in the ocean and snorkeling, and every day headed out to the reef which was about 100 meters off shore, and would spend up to an hour engrossed in the underwater delights of the coral.

On the day he died the tide was higher and the wind quite strong - strong enough to create waves on shore. But Charlie didn't have any qualms. He had commented several times that he felt so safe in these waters. He had plans to have a snorkel, do a long session of yoga and enjoy a beer while we watched the sunset together. He was seen by several people with his flippers paddling. He was so happy.

Charlie sustained a large injury to the back of his head which indicates to us that he was swept onto a rock or coral and got knocked unconscious and drowned.

We feel reassured that Charlie was doing something he loved, in a place that felt like paradise. He couldn't have been more relaxed and content. The beautiful country of Samoa will remain a very important place in our hearts.


This will go to Andrew (Charlie's brother) and Anna-marie (tech support). 
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